Drake’s 25 Best Guest Appearances

“In The Morning (Remix)” – J. Cole Featuring Drake

Drake takes the opportunity to hop on his homie Jermaine Cole’s cut to woo the pants off a random woman who is “winter time cold.” He also mentions that even if his girl is at work he’ll wait in bed until she gets home. Mr. Mom?

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  • Zander

    Migos is not a duo, there are three guys in the group.

  • JYungStar

    Gucci & Drake made a Banger it’s called Believe it or not smh it should have been on here

  • krow132

    Man Off that really sucked. I hate that song. anything else could have replaced that

  • XIII

    I understand this is an opinion piece but I disagree with far too many songs on here. Unless you’re only talking singles or something. Ransom wasn’t even mentioned like how the fuck you have this list and not have Ransom (or Stuntin)? Or Timbo’s Say Something? But you got Dueces tho? My face -_-