DMC Calls Lil Wayne And Jay Z’s Music Not “Hot”


Looks like Flavor Flav is not the only legend finding it hard to identify with current stance of hip-hop as DMC has also spoken up about the matter, calling the genre’s listeners “brainwashed”. According to, in a recent interview DMC expressed that not only he does he not understand the popularity behind both Jay Z and Lil Wayne but the rap veteran even dubbed their music not “hot”.

“It was inevitable that hip-hop became commercialized but along the way our power got taken away. Now you got the same 12 records on radio being played over and over again. Lil Wayne, Jay Z ain’t hot, it’s just they’re programmed so many times people are brainwashed”. Much like Flavor Flav, DMC blamed the content for this demise, “What made us, KRS, Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul great was that we wanted to change the world, taking responsibility for our actions. Now everything that’s negative in stupid ass America is celebrated”.

DMC’s comments come just days after Flavor Flav spoke out against the generation saying,“Lil Wayne is making some great rap records, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Snoop [Lion] – everybody is making great rap records, but it’s not hip-hop.”

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  • Cocaine Howie

    Can’t argue with the king.

    • remo77

      you can when the king has lost perspective and is stuck in the past. hip-hop didn’t end in the 90s. just like jazz didn’t end in the 60s. people hated on miles davis when he started doing his own thing too but there’s no way you can say he was anything but jazz and a jazz icon.

      • remo77

        the rap vs hip hop argument is way overplayed. that being said I think lil wayne is trash. lol

        • Cocaine Howie

          There never had to be a “vs” they both used to coexist. But the “industry” (sites like XXL included) are dictating to most of u what’s “relevant”, whatever that means.

      • Doc_Nasdee

        How did he lose perspective, when hip-hop was versatile enough to talk about EVERYTHING, and celebrate ANYTHING with different voices, and different content ALL having room to blossom and be enjoyed, when now, if you not killing someone, f’ing someone, or selling drugs, no one is trying to hear you? If you not talking about your material wealth, your stuff falls on dead ears?:So is it REALLY DMC who “lost perspective” when hip-hop use to be so much more?

      • Toon

        Hip hop is universal, you can’t lose perspective. But if you shine too much light on one thing it makes people focus more and more on. That’s the problem with today’s “swag music”. The most legendary tracks back in the 90′s were full of lyricism and clever wordplay we rarely see today. I can’t help but agree with how we celebrate negative things nowadays because an old focus of hip hop was trying to make people open their eyes to things and making society better; if music was about something negative it was rarely spoken about in a positive manner. Todays “hip hop” is just retrograding, trendy lyrics being recycled over and over again.

  • TheRealest

    I been trying to say this for the longest and I agree. Finally someone said something.