Although many may think Dizzy Wright has just come into the hip-hop game, the XXL freshmen has actually spent a lifetime around hip-hop legends. As a youngster with close ties to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Dizzy tells XXL that even though he hails from a city not known for rap, he's been prepped for this career his entire life.

"I was always in the music industry", said the rapper. "My mom was a concert promoter in Flint, Michigan. She was also the road manager for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony back in the day. And then I was like a youth reporter, she had us doing like the interview stuff at like the Summer Jams, The BET Awards like as a youngster though, I was 10".

Dizzy continued unveiling that he has had quite a lengthy career telling that he started rapping at the mere age of 8."I kinda felt like I was forced into it a little cause I knew it was always my mom's dream for me to do some shit like this", said Dizzy. "My mom started writing my flows first, she used to ghost write. I was young though, like 8."

He explained that he wouldn't let anything hold him back and his hustle is what brought him to his current stance. "Coming up in Vegas, its a small hip-hop culture just like anywhere else, local. Nobody really blew up there from the hip-hop culture. I did a lot of small stuff to get where I'm at. I did "Wild-Out Wednesday", a bunch of competitions".

Through his dealings the rapper maintains that his fans will always be his main priority. "Getting in front of the fans is everything, says DW. "People spread good music and they talk about it".