The always-lovable (and always-stoned) Curren$y has been a longtime friend of Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa, with their camaraderie culminating in a joint EP called Live In Concert, which they put out earlier this year. But while the two weed aficionados find time come together to make music and smoke tons of weed, Curren$y recently admitted that when it came to Wiz's recent wedding to Amber Rose, he got so high that he missed the reception. In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Curren$y said, "Congrats to Wiz on his wedding, man. We were totally baked, and I totally just smoked off my appearance." Turns out Wiz wasn't too mad at his homie, though. "He know it's love, and we definitely spoke and it's all good." Check out the rest of the interview above.