Chief Keef Ordered To Pay $230,000 Over Abandoned London Show

According to Rolling Stone, Keef's massive diamond-studded watch (pictured above) cost him a whopping $80,000—and he doesn't remember when he bought it.

The law ruled against Chief Keef again, though he didn’t even know it this time. According to a report from TMZ, the Chicago rapper was scheduled to perform in London last December, linking up with a promotion company called Team Major who was putting on the show, only to eventually bail on the gig and not show up. The company claimed they lost around $75,000 from the botched performance, and filed suit against Keef in March to get their money back. Rather than settling up the lawsuit, Keef never bothered to respond, resulting in the court siding with Team Major by default and ordering Keef to pay $230,019 in the case. Just a couple bucks for someone whose massive watch (pictured above) cost a cool 80 grand.

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    • Fucked SWAGGY BIEBS mom

      you u best shut the fuck up you fucking faggot.

      • Worel

        Cant hear any better arguements from haters.
        Oh wait! Where is the argument?

  • juice man

    keef slow.. that money will b gone b4 he’s 30

    • PI

      Possibly…But He young,the nigga still a teenager.So I don’t have 2many high expectations from him,cause know how I was when I was his age.

  • Bigdaddy Johnson

    for all you hatin ass people get off cheif keef jock joe thats on folk rt

  • whatthefucks

    he probably don’t even have 230k

    • RAM

      are u stupid?

    • King

      he got a 6million$ rap deal or whatever how does he not have that? not to mention all the shows and versus he gets money for . lmao. why people hate so much .

      • whatthefucks

        He need to get 250,000 album sales by december 2013 or he will be dropped from interscope. If he get 250,000 sales, he will get 6 million.

        • Iballz

          And if he get that it proves that true hip hop and lyricists are gone from mainstream.

      • Dylan Nlghtn Krell

        you obviously dont get how rap deals work….keef does not “have” any of that money its all an advancement that has to be payed back..keefs gonna be gone in a couple years or less just watch

  • PimpDaddy

    Hes rich thats nothing to him but still aint a fuck boi

  • Iballz

    The fact that people even find this weak ass dude remotely entertaining and talented is beyond me. I guess its like a car wreck, everyone has to look for a sec but damn. dude is garbage.

  • Swag_Intelligent_Swag

    Keef’s fucking up. He blew all the money he had on jewelry and cars that he isn’t even old enough to drive. And he ditches shows all the time. He gets sued over it like 4 times a year. Not to mention all the money he loses for not going to the shows in the first place. And his popularity is mad declining. Everybody that I knew who used to like him don’t even talk about him anymore. He better drop 2 mixtapes, an album, go on tour, GO to his shows, appear in a film, attend the Grammy’s, and land on the moon if he doesn’t want to go broke.

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