Bust A Cap: Rick Ross Is Excited

Rick Ross


 ”Dat Ass”

You got a better caption? Put it in the comments section below. XXL‘s favorite caption will be posted on Wednesday.

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  • Marcelino

    Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Man I’m constipated – Ugh!

  • Rigby

    I don’t bop, I do da money dance.

  • Jerm Beatz

    damn these man boobs gettin heavy!!

  • jermbeatz

    Triple Cheese Dreams!!

  • Slame_Wallace

    This the face I’ma make when they put me on the $1000 bill. Ugh

  • fuckrickross

    Ooh girl i’m about to work this cheeseburger!!

  • G

    Dam my dick is burning

  • Owen T


  • Harry MilleR93

    Officer Ricky still can’t get used to night shifts

  • Andre Whyte

    WingStop! I Own Dat

  • the man

    oh man, why cant i just fart!

  • Prank Porter

    ON THE G

  • bostongeorge

    “Bout to Rape The Game Like Puffy Did to Total” !!!!!!!!!