Every struggling artist dreams of one day being front-page news, but Brooklyn rapper Matthew Best, who goes by the stage name Neon Best, probably didn't think this is how it would happen. Earlier this week New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly held a press conference announcing that the NYPD had made the biggest gun bust in the city's history. The police seized 254 guns and made 19 arrests as part of a weapons trafficking ring that stretched from New York to North and South Carolina.

How were they tipped off? As Gawker points out, Neon Best posted photos to his Instagram account of rolls of cash and weapons that he claimed to be selling out of an Ocean Hill music studio. The photos were noticed by NYPD narcotics investigators last year. The police were then able to connect Best to his friend Omole Adedji and follow the guns to their source in North and South Carolina.

So what's the social media lesson here for aspiring rappers? Maybe just use your Instagram for posting photos of food. It's a lot safer and just as fun. You can take a look at one of Best's Instagram photos below: