Big Sean's Hall of Fame drops this week and Sean is opening up about why his mentor is not on the sophomore set.

In an interview with Rap Up, Sean explains that he didn't think it was necessary to have a collabo with Kanye, but they do have a duet that will appear on an upcoming Sean album. "We did have a song, but I'm probably gonna save it for my next one," Big Sean said of the Kanye joint. "It didn't really...It wasn't really necessary for this one. We had songs that filled the void that that one was going to fill. I'm holding on to it. I feel like it don't really matter if he's on the album or not. Me and Kanye have so many songs together. People know what it is. It's love."

Though Kanye is not on Hall of Fame, he's already picked out his favorite cut "Mona Lisa." “Kanye’s favorite song was definitely ‘Mona Lisa,’" Sean added. "It was an older track from the album. I did it kind of towards the beginning of the album. I did 'Ashley,' 'Mona Lisa' and some songs like that almost a year ago. So, I was kind of tired of it. But, he was the one who reminded me how good that song was. He really loves the beat and the words, too, the combination of it."