Linking with ThisIs50's Young Jack Thriller Big Daddy Kane takes a trip down memory lane. Telling stories of the his young days with Tupac and Biggie, the vet had some rather interesting tales of groupies, sex with Madonna, and bringing up Jay Z.

When asked if he believes he sculpted the foundation of Jay Z's career the rapper responded, "It's all about the family tree, there's a family tree. You know Melly Mel birthed KRS-One, KRS-One I think birthed Tupac", said the rap legend. "I think that Kool Moe Dee birthed Rakim, Rakim birthed Nas. Grand Master Cash birth me, I birth Jay and Big. You know it's like a family tree. When there's a generation before you that had a certain swag or had a certain way of doing things and that's who you learned from".

Towards the end of the interview when prompted about an untold "Pac Story", Big Daddy Kane turned things up a bit reflecting on an old groupie tale. "I remember one time when we were in I want to say San Diego and Money B came got me. Like this is before Pac was Pac, this is when he was just still dancing for Digital. And they was like "yo we got these bad chicks in the room". Continuing "I come up in the room and these dudes in there wilding man. You know they jumping on the bed with the "yam" out".

Big Daddy Kane also cleared the air on old Madonna rumors calling it his biggest misconception. "The biggest misconception about me. Probably that I fucked Madonna". He went onto explain that aside from the nude pictures for her book and visiting a children's hospital the two never really even hung out.

Sounds like some wild times! Check out the full interview here.