An aspiring rapper in Fort Collins, Colorado, recorded a song dissing the police during a real police standoff, Monday night. 19-year-old Josh Jackson, a.k.a. Adequate Advocate, is being accused of allegedly threatening his roommates with a knife before SWAT teams arrived at his home to arrest the young man. Jackson is being slapped with felony menacing charges for the incident.

During the standoff, Jackson had locked himself into his bedroom where he turned on his computer to record a freestyle video addressing the impending raid on hand. The title of the video is "police are trying to murder me as I write this" and features Jackson rapping about his family, friends and to proclaim his innocence.

“Police think I’m a fiend. That’s why right now literally they’re outside my house,” Jackson rapped. “Because my roommates done did it. Done thought that I was a misfit. Done thought that I had my wrist slit too many times. Done thought that too many people had left my mind.”

The video abruptly ends as a flash bang is tossed into the room before the police enter the room and arrest the teenager. A police spokesman said that Jackson had a history of repeatedly resisting arrest and thus, the use of force was necessary.

Multiple media sources have identified Jackson as a "rapper"; however, he appears to be nothing more than a troubled kid with a computer. This incident adheres to the ongoing trend of the mainstream media misclassifying any person who raps as a rapper.

[Via Gawker]