A$AP Rocky Says Kendrick Lamar Must Be Smoking Crack If He Thinks He’s “King Of New York”

In an interview with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 this week, A$AP Rocky offered his opinion on the on-going Kendrick Lamar saga. When asked about Kendrick’s “King Of New York” declaration, the A$AP Mob leader responded frankly, “That King of New York shit? You must be smoking crack. You crazy.”

The rest of A$AP Mob was also in attendance for the interview and had opinions on a similar vein. A$AP Ferg whose new album Trap Lord is in stores today offered, “What’s a king to a Lord?”

A$AP Rocky went to elaborate that there will no ill feelings toward the song and that Kendrick Lamar was still family as far as he is concerned. Rocky considered the line to be mere good spirited competition and is taking it in stride.

“Honestly, K. Dot and them niggas, that’s fam. I think hip-hop needs this shit,” Rocky told Flex. “It’s niggas pissed off just because they wasn’t mentioned. I’m not justifying shit, rap is rap. The nigga didn’t say nothing about nobody mother, he ain’t want problems. He said these is my niggas and I’m lettin’ ya’ll know it’s competition. What’s the problem? That man know I’m where he at.”

You can listen to the entire interview with Funkmaster Flex above.

[Via AllHipHop]

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  • HarmonyOaksGumbo

    Blah, Blah, Fuckin Blah…. Kendrick did his fucking thang….

  • Guest

    Flex a oldhead….

  • HarmonyOaksGumbo

    A.S.A.P….. keep it 100 the cat with the blue hat, was mad annoying yo’

  • Hoochi Jones

    He Don’t Smoke Crack, Mothafucka He Sells It.

    • Infinite8

      LMAO!!! @hoochijones:disqus

  • HarmonyOaksGumbo

    Flex trying to turn ASAP into a hater like himself….on the slick. lol

  • oneyoungbleez

    NEVER ONCE DID HE SAY HE WAS BIGGIE OFFSPRING. These guys dont even know what was said. Wtf.

    • Iz

      Biggie was known as “The King of New York.” That was his crown and cats been throwin that title around ever since he passed on. When Dot said “I’m Makaveli’s offspring/ I’m the King of New York” in the context of the other legends names, he’s implying he’s influenced by and has the cultural clout of Big and Pac in today’s terms. He even says it on “Night of the Living Junkies” – “You Chris, I rock/ I Big, I Pac/.” History helps, bro.

  • ManYouStupid

    “whats a king to a lord?” the king would be the dude the lord kneels to, so get on one knee dumbass.

  • Real

    Ferg look like he was pissed that they wasnt talking about his album even though thats the reason they was there lol


    as long as we know Asap vs Kendrick Lamar won’t be Jay-z vs Nas

  • Baguettes

    Yoooo haha tell me that ain’t a dude in the back with barettes

  • Baguettes

    Yoooo haha tell me that ain’t a dude in the back with barettes

  • Juhrail

    ASAP said something overlooked, it’s more than contributing lyrics in Hip Hop


    uuuum can someone pay close attention to FUNK FLEX’S MANERIZMS???!!! IS HE HIDING SOMETHING??

  • kxxxxxxxxxxx

    yo i heard asap rocky wasnt even from new york, he from NJ. if he isnt i wouldnt expect him to get mad at k.dot. i would only think niggas who were actually born n raised in ny would get mad at that and come out with a response.

  • Armani Appolon

    Joe Buddens has the best response! hands down.. and its not a dis back its his way to say “im as good as the rest of them, if not better”


    flex is a loser man, honestly xxl contributes to the wack shit because this title is a lie. asap didnt say he was smokin crack. xxl tweeted joey bad askin was he gonna make a response wen the verse wasnt even a diss. asap understands exactly what the verse was intended to do. the industry is tryna amp a simple challenge

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick > A$ap Mob.. No Disrespect