Angel Haze has for sure solidified her place in the rap game within the last year and she isn’t shy about expressing it. “To be here today means a great deal to me”, gushed the rapper. “I mean like this is something that most artists and people in general who aspire to be rappers, who aspire to be musicians hope for. Especially in this realm, this urban world, the culture.”

However, though Angel is currently most recognized in rap, the young lady has her sights set a bit differently. “I like to think of myself as more of an alternative artist than actually any rapper or singer or anything else," she told XXL.

After reflecting on her journey to this standpoint she then went on to explain that even with the undeniable talent she now holds, rapping was not something that came easy. “I was terrible at it, like awfully bad," Angel said about her early rap skills. “I ended up just practicing and practicing and practicing." Later adding, “There was a point when I couldn’t make a full song it would only be freestyles."

As for the future Angel believes her openness is what will keep her going. She also adds that she likes to think of her material more as an experience than just music stating, “I always put my all into it. My music is always kind of like an experience. It’s like my divulging the deepest parts of myself onto a song."