Gucci Mane is a fan of big dramatic gestures. Whether's it's his release schedule or his tattoo choices, he has no interest in doing anything subtle or bowing to social norms. While most artists make elaborate release strategies centered around teasing songs out one at a time, Gucci is more likely to do something a little odd. How odd? Releasing war-themed mixtape trilogies odd.

In 2009, he put out his Cold War trilogy with some help from DJ Holiday and DJ Drama. The three mixtape series found the reigning king of Southern rap doing pretty much what he's always done: rapping in a distinct mumble-drawl over anything a producer throws in front of him. It wasn't necessarily his best mixtape run, but it left an impression and it was certainly an ambitious idea.

On August 13, Gucci released World War3, his latest mixtape trilogy. This time, the tapes came divided up by drugs (Molly, Lean and Gas) and they arrived with cover art so garish it can give you a headache just by trying to read it. This was a gauntlet being thrown down. Gucci was declaring war. Who would accept the challenge?

Well, we did. It's not easy to review every track on a 54 track mixtape trilogy, but you know what else isn't easy? Life. So grab your headphones and your fellow soldiers and follow us into the depths of Gucci Mane's atomic crater of a mixtape trilogy. We'll be picking out the essential tracks and attempting to clear out some of the wreckage, but remember: This is World War 3. Only the strong will survive.