A Tearful Foxy Brown Addresses Hot 97′s Summer Jam Rumors & More On RapFix Live

Wednesday afternoon’s RapFix Live featured legendary MCs, Big Daddy Kane and Foxy Brown. Foxy chopped it up with Sway, discussing her hearing condition and how she adjusted her recording process. They began discussing the Hot 97 rumors that she was going to appear alongside Fabolous and Lil’ Kim at Hot 97′s Summer Jam back in June. She clears it up saying that the monumental moment needed to be orchestrated properly. The original plan only included Fabolous and herself, until the night before, when Lil’ Kim was added. A teary-eyed Foxy continues with their discussion, opening up on her career and her relationship with Jay-Z, how scary the digital era is and what damage it does to hip-hop, and her respect for Nicki Minaj. Watch the full interview below.

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  • Realness

    I like Foxy Brown’s music, especially numerous tracks from her first two releases. I feel bad that she’s been the subject of rumors and slander, but it comes with the territory of being famous. Lil’ Kim receives slander on a daily basis and she never complains about it. I understand she is human, but instead of crying she should just dispel anything that isn’t true and keep it moving.

    I don’t think Foxy is interested in releasing another album. The snippet to her new track “Bandz Up” sounds so low quality for someone who is supposed to be established in the industry. I doubt it will even see the light of day. It’s odd that throughout interviews from 2007 (after she left Def Jam and S. Carter) to 2011, Foxy was boasting about the album “Black Roses,” and how it was “bananas.” Foxy hasn’t been signed to a label where she wouldn’t own the rights to those songs, so how come she’s JUST starting the recording process of another album, “Bandz Up”? Something doesn’t seem right, which is why I doubt she’ll be releasing anything in the future.

    She also seems a little bit rusty with her flow and delivery. It’s too bad because Foxy was a pretty good MC. I don’t think she had as much commercial appeal as Lil’ Kim, but I do think she was a good rapper. I think her and Kim’s downfall was that they let too much time go by, and failed to stay relevant in music. Hence why what they have to offer in 2013 isn’t catching.

    • Studio Worker B

      What people fail to realize, is that no one is really interested in releasing their music, because it won’t really sell. That’s the hard truth. What label is trying to sign Foxy, that’s legit, with a real budget to promote and get her radio play. Another issue, is when you let the artist because the producer, the end result is garbage. I’ve seen this time and time again. Yes her a Kim were big time in their day, and they’re still very talented, but this is an image driven business, and when you get older, just like in the NFL, YOU’RE OUT !!! Once you reach that point, it’s all about trying to live off your past success. Hence what you have here.