During the 2000s, the energy drink craze had swept across the country. After the ubiquity and tremendous success of drinks like Red Bull and Monster Energy, an emerging energy drink market was flooded with a wave of products looking to capitalize on the brief, sugary highs these drinks promised to consumers.

It's rare that hip-hop's entrepreneurial spirit would let an investment opportunity go by like this. The energy of hip-hop and caffeine-induced physical and mental stimulation of energy drinks seemed to make for natural partners. What else would mix perfectly with a Circo vodka in the club than the fruity taste of energy drinks?

Rap wanted a piece of the action and soon a wave of rapper-themed energy drinks hit the market, too. Starting with Nelly's controversial Pimp Juice in 2003, it seemed as if you couldn't enter a supermarket or bodega in the country without finding a product endorsed by your favorite rapper. Although, many of the products failed to catch on or were seen as novelties, many of them exist today and still live on.

We at XXL have compiled a list of our favorite energy drinks of the era for you to fondly remember and to potentially purchase on eBay for a reasonable price.