On Tuesday, Goodie Mob will release Age Against The Machine, their first record with each member since 1999's divisive World Party. Despite the runaway success and mainstream exposure of the group's most famous member, Cee Lo Green, the idea of a Goodie Mob album existing in 2013 is a little perplexing. What does a Goodie Mob record sound like in 2013? How will it fit in with modern hip-hop? Is there a place for them?

Luckily, Goodie Mob has made a career out of confounding expectations and side-stepping trends. The group—Cee Lo Green, Khujo, T-Mo, and Big Gipp—formed in 1991 in Atlanta, GA, soon becoming an essential part of the city's musical identity as part of the emerging Dungeon Family collective. On their first two records, Soul Food and Still Standing, they established a rhythmically daring and socially conscious style, combining aggressive political lyrics with adventurous production choices.

With the new album's release date fast approaching—and the record already streaming—we thought this would be the perfect time to take a look at the group's back catalog and explore some of their most iconic and essential songs, along with some rarities (and a new track!) that help give you a full portrait of the group's identity. You can quibble over our selection below, but remember, as Goodie Mob explained on their first album, the good die mostly over bullshit. So don't get too worked up.