16 Responses To Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse Reviewed


Astro “KONY (Kendrick Lamar Response)”

Rating: L
Jumping on Statik Selektah’s Newsies-inspired beat, relative new-comer Astro doesn’t sound particularly angry with Kendrick here. He’s mostly just trying to explain to Kendrick why he shouldn’t be talking about New York, and while he makes a logical case, it’s not exactly the most passionate attack or defense.

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  • wat

    Whoever wrote this article in some shit lol. I agree with most of them being weak but Mickey’s wasn’t and Cass’ wasn’t THAT good.

  • Jim

    Lupe’s one was Incredible

    • FLYnn

      I guess if you speak German and can stay focused

  • izzy

    dumb asses , he’s making fun of rappers flows and style in parts of his verse
    how ever wrote this article is dumb as fuck. ex:1:05-1:12 he is doing B.O.B.’s style

    1:13-1:27 he is doing T.I.’s style

    1:45 to 1:57 he is doing Jay-Z’s style

    1:57-2:20 he is doing Drake’s style

    2:20-2:40 he is doing 2 Chainz style

    2:40-2:55 he is doing Lil Wayne’s style
    im a kdot fan and even i see the outcome of this response to control

    • izzy


    • JC

      good job not copy pasting that from rapgenius… wait…

      • EZBRZY


  • Chino

    You’re trying to tell me that B.o.B. did better than Lupe?!

    • https://twitter.com/KB_116 Mr. 116

      smh. XXL confuses me so much.

  • Melo Street Vybz

    madd rapper did the best one, lol

  • The Truth

    XXL just proved how dumb the writers are..

    Lupe’s responds was the same level of kendricks verse if not better.

  • L.DRE

    Damn papoose went in!

  • floschniqquhwafer


  • robert

    All you so called rapper’s better remember they don’t call cali. killa cali. for nothing don’t get yourself killed they got more real niggaz that won’t talk shit they will let their gun’s do the talking for them ya most want to be the next dead rapper fucking with cali don’t forget big die because he thought cal wont kill a bitch ass new york nigga Lmao…

    • Detroit Stumper

      Can we just leave at lyrics and leave the bullets at home? DAMN i’m tired of you pumped up wife beater thugs fuckin up shit for the rest of us who just want to enjoy the talent of our young brothas who even have the stage and mic to share with us…Damn–Go eat some damn glass or something. Fukin loser.

  • tommy

    King los had some crazy wordplay

  • menigga


  • JAYZ


  • gil

    cassidy killed it


    What? KONY better than Joell Ortiz’s verse? Joell bodied a track in less than 18 hours. If you think anyone was better than Joell or Lupe, you straight need your hearing checked.

    • JaffarR


  • JaffarR

    Joell Ortiz deserved a XXL. Those bars were hard as fuck, and simply incredible.

  • babylon Fall

    They put riff raff above ransom and were dissrespectful about it, gtfo

  • Edan Oliver

    joell ortiz, cassidy, astro , and BoB .

  • Guest

    Fact: All these dudes lost by responding

  • Shawn

    Lupe, Lupe, Lupe. *smh*
    He’s the male Nicki Minaj.

  • mark

    grafh isnt even on here

  • Yea Fool


  • Thebes

    Banana clips = AK rounds

    Call that banana splits = split in half But my halves is really like a banana 6 = a six shooter

    split all 6 in half…thats 12 bullets. 11 rappers were mentioned in Kendrick’s control verse. Plus Kendrick that makes 12. Lupe is saying he has a bullet for all 12 rappers.

  • https://twitter.com/KB_116 Mr. 116

    Chocolate Droppa had the best one.

  • stars

    I give B.O.B props for a creative approach to a diss, but this is a rap competition and you gotta blaze the opponent with bars before you bring out the guitars and shit. Just sayin, his response was too short and the guitar would be more effective had his response been longer and dope.

    In this situation, to me, guitar comes off as a gimmick to take away from the fact no actual dope bars were spat, whether that was intended or not by him.

    Still dope artist, just my 2 cents

  • C Money

    riff raff stay winnin

  • The Conspiracist

    What if Kendrick’s “Control” verse was meant to make all these irrelevant rappers relevant? I have never even heard of some of these whack rappers responding to Kendrick before today. And those that I have heard of have not been relevant for a minute.

  • Cali_Smoke

    how the f can xxl NOT get that r2d2 line? Who the f is xxl hiring to listen to these lyrics? This is why I don’t buy xxl. #mainstreammedia #fuckboyzgreatest #backoftheshortbus

  • Deez Nuts

    Didn’t Chief Keef already tell Lupe to keep quiet? SLR 2 couldn’t be any weaker. Lupe ain’t shit but a hoe and a trick.

  • RICOG71

    Cassidy KILLED 5 generations of Lamars with this

  • RICOG71

    “the King in King Los isn’t just for show”..I agree

  • RICOG71


  • RICOG71

    And the winner isssss…Joell Ortiz!!!!!

  • DBurger

    all these responses are sleep except for Los, but yall go on youtube and type in LOUIE DEON “REVELATIONS 22:18″ then tell me why xxl didnt choose that nigga!!

  • MouthofMadness

    B.O.B. killed this – just tripped out across the galaxy…

  • FormahCity

    R.I.P kendrick.

  • FormahCity

    “sony lost a finger/then this lil nigga’s ears could go. dat was funny lol

  • Real Rap Critic

    B.o.B responds in a pretty unique way with “How 2 Rap,” which stands
    out because he borrows different flows from artists (Drake/Migos)….. Props to Bobby for the originality. OK first of all SLR2 deserves a XXL it was the best response if you actually understood it but im used to lupe going over normal niggas heads but whatever. B.O.B response was M at best tho i wouldve given it a S

  • Better Late

    Wait don’t stop counting I have a response

  • tumi

    i hear all yall, bt papose killed k.dot hard listning 2 hs respnd made me realize hw k.dot fckd up in tht song.. he shld hv went it n out n left th drama..