Labor Day weekend is in many ways the last gasp of summer. Unlike the 4th of July, a holiday filled with possibility and hope, Labor Day is a little more low-key, a little more downbeat. Sure, there are things to look forward to in the fall: football season, the changing of the leaves, the new 2 Chainz record. But there's still something a little melancholy about watching the summer come to a close. What's the best way to fight that Labor Day malaise? Throw a BBQ.

There are a few essential steps to throwing a half-way decent Labor Day gathering: you gotta run to the grocery store, you gotta clean out your apartment or house, and you gotta invite some people. You forget anything? Oh yeah, the music. No one wants to sit around and listen to the air conditioner blow stale air as the TV plays a nature documentary in the background. You need a playlist and you need a good one, something that will engage your friends but also show you still know what's hot. Don't sweat: We've got you covered.

Grab your freshest white clothing and maybe some potato salad, and check out 15 rap songs you need on your Labor Day BBQ playlist this weekend. Try not to spill on the couch. - Written By Dan Jackson And Eric Diep