Ying Yang Twins On “Telling All The Miley Cyruses To Twerk” And Reclaiming “Hanh!” From French Montana


Let’s discuss your new mixtape, Ass In Session. What are you hoping to accomplish with this particular project?
Kaine: Music’s slowed down so much. It’s like been “swagging” for seven years. That’s one aspect of the genre. That’s not the only tempo or way to rap. Everybody’s been making good songs but ain’t nobody been fueling the clubs, though. Ultimately, when we first came into the game, our drive was to promote music for the strippers to dance to. The new artists are good but the songs are not making the people bombard the dance floor. What we do is cater to people moving to the dance floor. People want to dance. These young kids are not old. They want to have fun. I don’t see no other artist do what we do. Maybe people can’t do what they know they can’t do which is why we are out with Ass In Session.

On your new tape, you have a song called “Sayin’ My Word.” On it, you are taking some shots at some major rappers, French Montana, Kanye, Jay Z, for allegedly stealing your adlib, “Hanh!” Why go there?
D-Roc: Nah. Nah. I’m not gonna call it taking shots. It’s called telling the truth. If you know we said “Hahn!” first? You should never get on T.V. and said Kanye stole it from you because you started it first. No. You give props where props was due. Kanye ain’t never said he started it. He’s just using it. Who do you see raising all the fuss, right now? It damn sure ain’t Kanye. He’s out there with his baby taking him shopping.

Kaine: It’s not throwing shots. We are the innovators of that word.

D-Roc: You can’t take anybody’s shit and think nobody would address it. That’s just like if I took your shoes and you was wondering where the hell your shoes was and one day, you know you was the only person with them shoes and you see me walking in with them shoes. Are you gonna say something?

Kaine: Basically, he’s saying, “Check this out. We know what Dr. King did for the South? For the people, right? Its like saying me and D-Roc saying we, Martin Luther King, Jr. You understand what I’m saying? We can’t do that.

D-Roc: Hold on. I got this. I start my magazine and call it XL but you know where I got it from?

Kaine: But here comes some more media asking, “Ah, man. You got that XL. What’s the difference between XL and XXL?” We’re not feeding into anything. The “Hahn!” thing is relevant to French Montana using it here now. It’s already been done. And all we’re doing is coming into the game and picking up where we left off. And we’re going to carry on.

D-Roc: You can’t use somebody’s shit and expect a motherfucker not to say nothing. It would have been better if he said “Big Shout out to the Ying Yang Twins. They started it first and I’m just carrying on.”

Kaine: That’s all we getting at. No harm. No foul. No beef. It’s the truth.

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