Ying Yang Twins Call Out French Montana, Kanye, Jay Z & Others Over Stealing Adlib On New Song


Reemerging after a lengthy absence, the Ying Yang Twins have taken it to wax to air their grievances with a group of rappers for allegedly stealing their signature adlib, “HAHN!,” on their new song, “Sayin My Word.”

The Ying Yang Twins, who have been largely missing from the hip hop scene over the last few years, are upset that many of today’s artists have been co-opting their signature adlib without paying proper homage.  On the track, the Atlanta crunk rap veterans call out French Montana, Kanye West, Jay Z and Diddy amongst others for lifting their phrase. The duo wants you to know they were first rappers to use “HAHN!” and others are simply jacking their slang.

“Sayin My Word” and other songs can be found on their latest mixtape, Ass In Session, which can be heard here.

[via AllHipHop]

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  • bobshreder

    them niggas fell off

  • natra

    Kanyes’ been using their adlibs for years. Why speak on it now ?

    • D-Roc

      Because we’re going broke?

  • Joe Blow

    very, very whack. dont complain just because theyve been making music while youve been off communicating in HANHS or whatever you’ve been doing. proper homage for one tag sound, after all they borrowed? afterall, its understandable, they were all over the place for a few months or so. the twins miss the attention is all.


    This song is awful. It doesn’t even matter what it’s about.

  • lmaolmaolmao

    haaaaannnhhhhhh (french montana kanye voice) :)

  • Droo Xavier

    H A N is an acronym Homo Ass Nigga southern niggas just added another H
    and changed the meaning.. NY SLang HAN…

  • Name

    de’s niggas ant shit jay and french got so much more talent
    de’s fucks are broke as a joke,just look at them
    I’d knock both of them ugly ass niggas the fuck out
    bitch ass ying yang twins, I hope there mother any that ugly

  • THop2323

    Pretty sure Juvinile was saying that before them…

  • FLYnn

    WTF is this