Reemerging after a lengthy absence, the Ying Yang Twins have taken it to wax to air their grievances with a group of rappers for allegedly stealing their signature adlib, "HAHN!," on their new song, "Sayin My Word."

The Ying Yang Twins, who have been largely missing from the hip hop scene over the last few years, are upset that many of today's artists have been co-opting their signature adlib without paying proper homage.  On the track, the Atlanta crunk rap veterans call out French Montana, Kanye West, Jay Z and Diddy amongst others for lifting their phrase. The duo wants you to know they were first rappers to use "HAHN!" and others are simply jacking their slang.

"Sayin My Word" and other songs can be found on their latest mixtape, Ass In Session, which can be heard here.

[via AllHipHop]