Yasiin Bey Undergoes Standard Force-Fed Procedure Conducted At Guantánamo Bay

Warning: the above video is disturbing. Yasiin Bey—also known as Mos Def—is currently working with director Asif Kapadia and Human Rights organization Reprieve on a revealing project that debuted this morning. In the clip, Yassin participates in the standard force-feeding procedure conducted for detainees at Guantánamo Bay. Acccording to The Guardian, approximately 100 of them are holding a hunger strike and more than 40 are experiencing this procedure.

[via Potholes]

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  • coke

    Respect to Mr. Bey. This is what our tax dollars are going towards? We should be focused on more obvious issues.

    Makes me sick.

  • Jacourey Rockins

    dang shit i still cant belive that happens

  • BeanTown Reppin

    Wow, much much respect to the Mighty Mos for shedding light on this and being brave to go through that shit…just messed up.

  • ez

    How is this considered “messed up”? These are terrorists who deliberately defy the orders of their supervisors. Think about it. Terrorists wanna play games, then they can have games played back with them. It’s simple.

  • jblxxx

    He was acting people, lol he didn’t have it done.
    for real,

  • Paul

    do people know what guantanamo bay is for? it’s for terrorists. why the fuck do you care how terrorists are treated. these are people who want you dead, and wouldn’t care if you were in there situation, in fact they have their own torture methods for people that they take hostage. would you rather have terrorists out plotting attacks on innocent people, or in captivity? it makes me sick that people even care what happens to the scum of the earth that are terrorists.

    • Chris M. McDade

      Educate yourself. You’re probably one of those who believes Islam is a terrorist organization, and not a peaceful religion.


    I fucks with Mos but after having served several deployments and losing many soldiers it saddens me to see our entertainers focus on such issues. I’ve seen, first hand, what monstrosities many these men are capable of. While there are some who are in fact innocent we too have innocent men and women executed regularly in this country who would have much rather had the option to be force-fed than wrongfully put to death. And more so Mr. Bey what do you think the 20 some odd American POW’s in Iraq/Afghanistan are experiencing. Are they in a well maintained military confinement area, recieving top notch medical care and 3 square meals a day, taking hot showers and granted the freedom to practice their religious faiths. The money waisted on this pointless video could have been used to let those servicemen and women’s families know that we haven’t forgotten about them or their loved ones….