As the looming July 4th release date of Jay-Z's forthcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail LP approaches, the XXL staff is getting excited. To add to our excitement, with every new day Hov has taken to his new blog to release the lyrics from the album's tracks. So far, he's released all but a few of the tracks' lyrics, but there has been a bit of a caveat with the lyric sheets he's putting out into the world. On every sheet, there are words and phrases inexplicably blacked out, which goes along with Hov's recent less-is-more aesthetic, but leaves plenty to the imagination as far as what words could actually end up being rapped. But, even though the album and its songs have been cloaked in Illuminati-level secrecy, XXL was lucky enough to get the full lyrics to five of the anticipated standouts from Holy Grail. Click through to read the real lyrics for "Oceans," "BBC," "La Familia," "Tom Ford" and "Beach Is Better." Magna Carta coming soon!