Chris Brown may avoid charges in a May hit-and-run case that, if prosecuted, could violate the singer's probation sending him to jail. The victim in the incident, Olga Gure-Kovalenko, no longer wants to see Brown charged, according to a recent report by TMZ.

Back in May, Brown was charged after reportedly giving false information and fleeing the scene following a minor automobile accident. But, the victim, who said she was not injured and only had inconsiderable damage to her vehicle, has reportedly decided not to press charges and doesn't want a dime, according to her attorney, Freddy Sayegh. CB's lawyer Mark Geragos has reportedly filed papers to have the charges dropped.

But Brown is not totally in the clear. The L.A. City Attorney has yet to sign off on the agreement, as he is waiting to hear directly from Olga. Breezy was also charged with driving without a valid California driver's license. However, Geragos contends that Brown is a Virginia resident who has a valid VA driver's license, therefor no laws were broken. The hearing will be continued on July 23.