In a rare interview with Huffington Post, Wu-Tang's resident lord U-God touched on some of his contemporaries' recent work, and had some harsh words for some of the genre's biggest stars. When pressed about Kanye West and his recent Yeezus album, U-God exclaimed, "Tell him there's no sound in space... He's got to come back on planet Earth. Space is a vacuum. There's no sound in space. Earth is where it's at. Come back down baby, come back."

He also went on to touch on some up-and-coming artists like Kendrick Lamar and Drake, saying, "Kendrick got my blood boiling like that, too. He has that spark, like, oooh." He continued, "Drake, too, man. . . Everyone who is in touch with their individuality, I enjoy it. That's what hip-hop is about."