Things Rappers Could Spend $100K On Instead Of A 2 Chainz Verse

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  • 2-chainz_10
  • Camrys
    <h2>Four Different-Era Toyota Camrys</h2>
  • CondoToronto
    <h2>A Condo In Toronto</h2>
  • Courtside
    <h2>Court-side Seats to the Brooklyn Nets For The Next 10 Years</h2>
  • Mount Dogmore
    <h2>A Mount Dogmore Portrait</h2>
  • Twinkies
    <h2>A Lifetime Supply of Twinkies</h2>
  • drake_ovo_lead
  • 4Kids
    <h2>College Tuition For Four Inner City Kids</h2>
  • Hublot
    <h2>A Hublot Men's Big Bang Diamond Pave Dial Watch</h2>
  • Hermes Jumpsuit
    <h2>A Hermes Jumpsuit For Their Girl</h2>
  • Fleet of Jetskis
    <h2>A Fleet Of Jet-Skis</h2>
  • Walking Sticks
    <h2>A High-End Walking Stick</h2>
  • Tiffanys Ring
    <h2>A Tiffany's Diamond Ring For Their Girlfriend</h2>
  • Gold Shorts
    <h2>2,000 Pairs of Gold American Apparel Swim Trunks</h2>
  • Moscot
    <h2>400 Pairs of Moscot Eyeglasses</h2>
  • kanye_20
    <h2>A verse from Kanye</h2>

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  • big mitch one

    really? good math xxl… you couldn’t find a crackhouse condo in toronto for 100k

  • Tokyo Nomaku

    College Tuition For Four Inner City Kids”

  • back2black

    most of your suggestions are pretty pathetic. and who the hell is 2 chains??? why is a ‘verse’ from him worth 100k? how does he justify such a stupid amount of money, ?

    stupid artists. fame get’s to their heads quicker than a crack fiend getting high