Today, Tech N9ne released his thirteenth studio album, Something Else. The album, which features collaborators including Kendrick Lamar, Cee Lo Green, T-Pain, Wiz Khalifa, B.o.B and Serj Tankian of System Of A Down, has been buzzing for months now. Poised to be one of Tech’s breakthrough albums, the KCMO native didn’t hold back with his lyricism. As Tech says, his pen heated the paper, and there’s enough evidence here to show he’s at place where he belongs. We complied the 25 most quotable lyrics from Something Else. Tech N9ne!

"Straight Out The Gate"


"Okay I get it I'm an nympho and freak of nature/But the pen is gonna heat the paper"

"Straight Out The Gate"


"The champ is here/The vamp is near/Huntin' you heathens, hella hungry and I’m amped this year"



"Puttin' all the face paint I can put on/Put my black jeans and black hood on/That's your TV I just stood on/With a faded habit this brother swerves when I sip vodka/I'm the latest rabbit, in other words; I'm a hip-hopper"

"Love 2 Dislike Me"


"You must really like my imperfections/Cause you stay on dismay, temper detections/And thats nightly, too much messing with my psyche/That enough hurts, but you fight me/So you must love to dislike me"

"Fortune Force Field"


"V told the people I got Satan to save me/That's why radio be hating to play me/Everything you gain, only brings you pain/But the fame it fools the brain/But you regain it through Strange"

"I'm Not A Saint"

"I didn't mean to hurt a soul here/But my inner demon has no fear/Of making choices that'll make you po' tears/Black transparent flies show me that the soul near"

"I'm Not A Saint"


"So hurt that I couldn't stand/Meanwhile my dark blob expands/And touching my loved ones dissolving their helping hands"



"Critics are really the enemy and I/Can't stand the way they slam today's gifted"



"You don't really get why I'm so pissed?/ Understand this: I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit, yes I'm"

"So Dope (They Wanna)"


"Wanna sit beside a sick and seductive sinner, see/Something so sinister seeking sookie somethin like a centipede/Slitherin', she's searchin' for synergy/Suckin' my seed, chakra tease stickin sippin' Hennessy, shittin'/On the hissin' I'll spit you out of commission"

"So Dope (They Wanna)"


"Let it in, I'm the medicine, get her wetter than ever been/Never better than a veteran, level that in the bed again/Rockin' red I been in my letterman, bright as Edison/Like I said I sin, head I win at events and I’m fetishin'"

"See Me"


"How in the hell can you miss me/When I'm counting my mil' making hist'ry/Trip the splits be that 50/50/So we rip the script swiftly and zip through chips quickly"

"See Me"


"I'm easily beast and my hand is in my belt What?/ I'm independent and I'm feeling myself"

"See Me"

Photo By: Lucas Farrar


"So you utter replies with a tougher disguise/Cause my payday just caught the nose of your lady/I'm at the beginning of my hay-day/Y'all better Wrekonize like ¡Mayday!"

"My Haiku - Burn The World"


"Damn, why wasn't the light on baby girl Grown men touch her, she 4, livin' in this crazy world/That's gonna affect her way longer than the lightest life span/If I was there, I'd be sparking way more than a light, man"

"My Haiku - Burn The World"


"Tecca don't wanna see kiddies die/Minors in the stretcher, so what you gonna do with them 25 lighters on your dresser/Yessir, shine them bright so they see us off in Mecca"

"That's My Kid"


"If my kid has a problem Its up to me as the guardian to go and solve em'/Make my life and involve em/Late at night when I call em"

"That's My Kid"


"I know you saw me rep colors when I was young, dumb and malicious/'m thankful, that all my blemishes never made you suspicious"

"Meant To Happen"

"'92, I was 21/Sellin' rocks for my auntie, was plenty fun/And yes she loaded the house with many guns/She got me a TEC-9 for my birthday, 'No more trippin' from anyone'"



"When we give respect is good in any language People are the strangers, but we don't wanna see any anguish/When I see we free to be something, anything we see/All we gotta do is B.E.L.I.E.V.E"

"Strange 2013"


"The number-one independent rapper, people running up/When the fact I'mma sum it up, way way back I was run amuck, now I'm beastin' the nation, cheese generatin'"



"Tech N9ne, I'mma kick it everytime/When I ease my mind, I hit my bottle/But they legalized it in my second home/When I go I'mma hit that good Colora-do"


"My Tsunami, my Katrina and my inner Sandy/Man it will not simmer expanding/If I swam seem like I would slam the damn thing/But I'm scrambling, falling like I damaged my hamstring"



"I'm deeply disturbed, so many things keep me perturbed/Inside of me peeping this surge and I'm completely submerged"



"When I'm in the house everybody in the place know I got that/Ladies in the back, on my lap, I'mma tap when they pop that"


"T-H-I-Z-Z-L-E-S, in my belly, yes/ We stay high, we be helly X'd, so don't be jelly jest Get up in the midst of the party, got a fistful of molly and a bitch with a body"