Midwest legend Tech N9ne released his 13th studio album this week with Something ElseWhile we're still working our way through the intricate album, Tech recently stopped by MTV Hive to discuss the project and a notable collaboration he felt he missed out on. He says, "I tried for Drake but we didn’t get him. He got busy. [Lil] Wayne said he would hook it up. It was for a song called “Look Like Heaven.” Maybe it wasn’t good enough or maybe he was busy? I didn’t press it. I understand." Unfortunately, it looks like we won't get a chance to hear what a Tech/Drake collab would sound like.

Later in the interview, Tech exposes the fact that a story from the album, where he touches on having a relationship with one of his school teachers, is actually true. He explains his process and willingness to include that story in Something Else: "There are spots where I store things I don’t want no one else to know and some things I take out [for the album]. You didn’t know I got molested by my seventh grade teacher." He continues, "I liked it. That’s all I’m going to say. I don’t want to get nobody in trouble. She was a nice young lady. I was in love."

Check out the rest of the interview hereSomething Else is in stores now.