Souls Of Mischief Break Down The Making Of “93 ‘Til Infinity”

souls of mischief 93 til infinity

Origins of the Song

A-Plus: ”It was originally a song called “91 ‘til Infinity” I made [when] we were still in high school and hadn’t been discovered yet. It was a slower, more somber beat. And i remember I wrote my rap and I spit it to the dudes and I even remember that it was so emotional I might’ve shed a tear, ’cause like it was on some ‘be together forever’-type shit, And the song never ended up getting done. But we rehashed the idea when we got the record deal a year later. Our world was a lot different, and it was just like, ‘oh remember that ’91 ‘til Infinity’, let’s do a ’92 ‘til Infinity.’ Oh but this album ain’t going to come out ‘til ’93 so let’s call it ’93 ‘til Infinity.’’”

“As far as the beat, I had originally given it to Pep Love, because I just made beats and if somebody wanted them, I’d give it to them. I ended up giving that beat to Pep Love while we was recording [the album], and when the fellas heard it, they was like, ‘Yo man, you can’t be giving away tight beats while we’re working on an album, we’re working on our first album my dude.” So it started the rule in Souls of Mischief to where if we’re working on an album, the producers got to play beats to guys working on the album first. Ultimately I had to take the beat back from Pep Love, and then we recorded “93 ‘til Infinity.” It’s like an opposite vibe from the original song. The original song was like, it was victorious but it was more like melodic and somber and slow and emotional and shit. And the rap was too, it was about friends and being together and we’re going to stay tight and all of that shit, but this one had more of like a fun vibe to it—I don’t know, just a happy, fun, good energy vibe.

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