Riff Raff Is Suing ‘Spring Breakers’ Creators For $10 Million


Riff Raff is claiming the creators of the film, Spring Breakers, sampled his life without giving him production credit. Now he plans to sue for up to a cool $10 million. TMZ recently caught up with the rapper and former reality show participant, and Raff sounded pretty clear on his intentions to bring suit against the people involved with creating the film.

“We are seeking $8 to $10 million right now,” he said outside of the AV Club in Hollywood, last night. Spring Breakers lead character, “Alien,” played by James Franco, bares an eerie resemblance to the Houston rapper and is also portrayed as an aspiring MC in the film. Riff spoke up about the movie back in January accusing the film makers of using his likeness. Now it sounds like he has officially decided to take his issue up with the courts. “It’s like if I have a front yard. And you’re planting soil and you’re planting trees and building peaches and houses and selling parking lots on my property … then I deserve to be compensated for some portion of that money,” he said.

Do you think he has a case?


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  • orzy

    what an idiot

    • SoLoud ImDeaf

      Yes you are. I’m guessing you have not seen the movie. He deserves at least 10 million when that movie has cleared over 300 million dollars.

      • Nihilicious

        Try 30M

  • Jack Swag

    Yea, he deserves the case. Not 10 million

  • LuiKang

    As much as i hate him, i agree, JAMES FRANCO stole his whole steez… he aint gon get 10 MIL tho…

  • jimbo_slice1

    Then he should’ve made the movie like he was supposed to. Dont get mad Franco pulled it off. Hell Gucci showed up to play his role!

  • that dude

    He’ll get every bit of 10 mil. That’s to blatant down to the frames he wears and the way he talks. Side note: I f*&^kin hate Riff Raff, too!!!!!! And his music sucks!!

  • Brent Thurman

    ball riff. fuck franco

  • bigbooty

    I dont think it’s James Franco who should be sued, just the creators and all that because we dont really know if James Franco had the idea to dress up like riff raff. It’s probably the creators or something like that who wanted the alien character to look like riff raff.

  • Peso

    sound legit to me, James Franco should be left out of it because he’s just doing what he does and getting paid… very good actor
    10 mil for a movie clearing 300 mill box office, sound fair to me BUT Riff Raff is a joke. I remember dude from G’s to Gents and he was funny. This rapping thing…I haven’t listened to a single song dude has ever put out and this my site and all but yall stay putting his joints up and I never understood why…I really thought him as a rapper was a joke but I guess not LMFAO

    • CC

      It grossed 30 million, not 300 million, you can check anywhere.

  • James

    That’s a bitch move by riff raff considering he was offered to be in the movie. I hope he doesn’t win the case.

  • Yo Daddy

    Did any of you see the movie and the rapper that was actually in the movie? Whose song was actually in the movie? It wasn’t fake ass Riff Raff it was Dangeruss aka @dangeruss727