Last week, the world got a glimpse of some footage from a scrapped 2008 HBO pilot helmed by Kanye West, as a segment of the project was released through actress/comedian Alison Quinn's YouTube channel. While the video (which was uploaded in 2010) has since been taken down, the clip—which showed roughly four minutes of a pilot episode for a show that was "roughly Kanye's version of Curb Your Enthusiasm"—was a great reminder that Kanye West can do a lot of things, but acting is not one of them.

In the clip (as in many others that have surfaced over the years), Kanye's proven himself a pretty awkward dude as soon as cameras start rolling. Sure, he smirks once in a while, and even giggles here and there, but one thing remains constant—he always looks uncomfortable. Even in his own short film Runaway, which was beautifully directed and shot, Kanye looked a little constipated pretty much the entire time (except when he was singing and playing piano).

In a brief look back at Kanye's subpar acting skills, we pulled together some of Yeezy's awkward acting moments, from his appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to his funny (?) live-from-Paris PSA. Check them out below.

Kanye appears on Entourage, lets Vinny Chase borrow his plane.

And generally looks terrified of fudging up every one of his lines.

Kanye appears in 106 & Park skit, tries to make fun of himself. 

But plays it a little too close-to-home, making it feel like less of a skit and more of a representation of how he really feels about award shows.

Kanye a.k.a. Martin Louis The King, Jr. delivers a PSA to his fans.

This is all kinds of bizarre, but "due to what has happened so severely," it's wildly entertaining.

KimYe and Kevin Hart appear in MTV VMA commercial

Yeezy tries to play this one straight for laughs, but ends up just raising his eyebrows a lot.

Kanye raids Kim Kardashian's closet on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

And stands around, awkwardly looking on and mumbling.