Pro Era Family Tree: Meet The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Crew Spearheaded By Joey Bada$$

nyck caution

Name: Nyck Caution
Twitter: @NyckCaution
Age: 19
Role: Rapper
Bio: Caution might be the brightest diamond in the unexplored rough of Pro Era right now, with lyrics that ooze swagger and unabashed confidence and a flow that matches up perfectly. Just check out “Resurrection of Real” for what the kid can do—we would have taken a few bars from that track as his best, but there were just too many to choose from. He’s an all-star performer on The aPROcalypse tape, and shows up on “47 Goons” off Summer Knights to spit words that reference Harry Potter, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jorge Posada and the video game Absolution in 20 biting bars of sheer cockiness. He’s said that he’s got a tape dropping by the end of the year, and if it’s anything like his Pro Era jams, it’s one not to miss.
Best Lyric: “I’m a frog, you a cricket, once was just a tadpole
And I’m still a tad po’ trying to fix it
They ballin’ with no limits, reckless in the Rari’s
So how the fuck you expect me to be civil in Civics?”
# Of Movie References: 9

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  • Gazaunga

    RIP Capital Steez

    • rdx

      he was the best one in this group

      • Tanvir Ofwgkta

        shut up faggot

        • Thulani Xulu

          joey has a really nice flow.i respect steez but they are on same level with joey.R.I.P Steelo

  • M

    STEEZ was the leader, when they gonna get that shit right.

    • Doug Linares

      Joey Bada$$ and Capital STEEZ are the the leaders, get that shit right dickhead.

    • datnikkadatkilledu

      nooo Bada$$ always was the boss and leader fuck out of here why you mad?

      • Matt

        Capital STEEZ was the one who had the idea to create Pro Era..Survival Tactics was HIS IDEA how was Joey always the boss? Get your facts straight.

  • Lucky Luke

    you forgot Godmind with Ak.

  • Baphomet

    not one mention of STEEZ? considering BEASTCOAST was his idea, and being one of pro eras 4 forming members? And Badass burst on the scene with survival tactics with STEEZ which brought them to a new level of recognition. get your shit straight or don’t say nothin!!

  • Baphomet

    I’m talking about the main introduction page, it wasn’t the mixtape 1999 that got the hype, it was that single that ended up being on it

  • Doug Linares

    yo you know STEEZ had a mixtape out. plus these aint even half smh fans know way more than dumbass bloggers. GTFO MAKE A BETTER ONE OR DELETE THIS ONE CAUSE YALL GOING TO RECEIVE HATE.

  • King L

    Definitely wasn’t his best lyric, why doesn’t this page even mention AmeriKKKan korruption?

    R.I.P Steez

  • datnikkadatkilledu

    Joey Bada$$ is the best. fuck you butt hurt KIng cap steez fans. whether ya like it or not joey is forever the boss and and leader of the pro era. fuck ya haters fuck ya.

    • listenfool

      bro why so fckn negative if u dont believe STEEZ was the best then go tell joey because even joey/all the beast coast members said he was the best in the whole movement (fact)

  • ilove

    how about theres is no leader its a group with equal power on the decisions that they make

  • CapSteez

    Why not mention AmeriKKKan Korruption from STEEZ and The Pursuit V.1 from Nick Caution? Both mixtapes are sublime.