Will.i.am recently sued Pharrell over the use of “I Am” and claims he owns the rights. In an interesting turn of events, The Black Eyed Peas member says he wasn’t suing Skateboard P in a later tweet, and writes he “never was.” Now, P is taking action by suing Will.

According to TMZ, Pharrell received a Cease & Desist letter from Will that says he owns the rights to all things related to “I Am.” He also threatened P to back down or there would be more consequences.

In the lawsuit filed against Will, Pharrell argues that the two are using “I Am” differently and states Will is using it in "a Seussian way." He quotes Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs And Ham to prove his point.

"Sam I am
I am Sam
I am Sam
Sam I am"

He continues, "In contrast, the I Am Other mark means 'I am something else,' leaving what that 'else' is to the imagination of the consumer. It certainly does not mean 'I am Will.'"

Pharrell is asking the judge to allow him to use the “I Am Other” slogan. As of now, Will has not responded to the countersuit.