It is a known fact that Mike Will Made It is the man behind almost all of hip hop’s hit songs released in the past year, so it’s only right that the producer got his hands on Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail. Most would assume that working with an idol like Jay would be quite a strenuous task, but according to Mike recording with the mogul has been just about “effortless”.

"[Jay] was like, 'Man, let's do something so effortless,' and that just stuck with me when he said 'effortless,'" Mike Will gushed to MTV News. "When I went up there, I just cooked up a beat real fast and he just went in on it."

He continued explaining how honored he is to have been chosen to participate in Jay-Z’s project stating, "Jay-Z is a legend, man, so you already know how that feeling is going in the studio with a legend — it's dope," he said. "Just like when I went into the studio with Future, he was a legend. It's like the same, but this is somebody who already paved his way and got his stripes and sold countless records and did countless hits. I mean sh*t, it was an honor to be in the studio with him."—Miranda Johnson