One of the biggest ‘barbershop’ arguments about Jay-Z’s “Beach Is Better” off Magna Carta Holy Grail is that it would have been, well, better if it was longer. The song’s producer Mike Will Made It was thinking the same thing. But, he isn’t complaining. Will, who was spotted in the studio with Andre 3000 a few days ago, recently chopped it up with 3LittleDiggs and explained the reason for his tracks early exit, and revealed that a full version might materialize.

“Less is more,” said the ATL beat maker about the song’s length. “Sometimes you have to put something out in the streets and see how they eat it up. See how they responded to it. Everybody responded good.” Will even hinted that the song may end up being released as a full length track. “More than likely, nine times out of 10, you will probably hear more of that song,” he added.

The scorching hot producer said he and Jay worked together in the studio for a week with Jigga picking the “Beach Is Better” instrumental over another track. When Jay only laid a short verse and called in fin, Will said he lobbied to lengthen the track, then. “When I heard the verse he did to the song I was even like, ‘Man, come on let me put together a hook or something. I know I can chop up something in your verse and make it into a hook or something, let me do something,’” he recalled. “He was just like, ‘We gone kill ‘em like that and see how they eat it up.’ He was like, ‘This is just the beginning of whatever we ‘bout to build.’…The fact that it’s getting a good response means a lot to me.”

Check out the entire interview, below.