Migos Discusses Building Buzz, ‘Y.R.N.,’ And Recording A Vault’s Worth Of Music


On the Migos Movement

Quavo: We were born in Athens. The movement started in the Northside. Gwinnett County. That started around, I want to say 10th grade in high school. That’s where the whole movement really started. The whole Migos movement. We brought it all together.

TakeOff: That was my 7th grade.

Quavo: We brought it all together when find out more information about Gwinnett County. We [found] out that was the hub for the cartels. We just took it and ran with it and grown with it from there.

TakeOff: Put it on our back.

Quavo: Stay in the clubs. Stay consistent. Dropping hits.

On life in Athens

Quavo: I wouldn’t say [it was easy or hard], you just gotta get it on your own and find your own way. There ain’t too many people making it family. Because it’s so diverse in they county. You got people from New York. You got people from Cali. You got people from here. You can’t really just befriend them. The people I just ran with I just kept it tight.

TakeOff: Same people.

On Offset’s prison stint

Quavo: [Offset] has been gone since late January.

TakeOff: We talk to him every day.

Quavo: We keep him updated on everything. He always wants to know what’s going on. He call a lot.

TakeOff: Back to back to back.

Quavo: I’d do the same thing too. [We got] a couple of verses from him. We got one song that’s probably gonna leak with him talking on it, but he ain’t do no verse.

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