Jay Z’s big splash in the sports agency industry, while a huge feat, does not set a precedent among rappers. Back when Master P was at the height of his success, in the late ‘90s, the New Orleans mogul also tried his hand at sports agency founding No Limit Sports Management and even representing former New Orleans Saints running back Ricky Williams at one point. P, who has since left that arena alone, recently appeared on EPSN’s First Take and gave his thoughts on how Jigga is handling his shot in the big leagues. The Ice Cream Man said he doesn't think Hov needs the partnership he has and said other agents are probably shaking in their boots at the prospect of having to compete with the rap moguls brand. “I think that he is strong enough that he could actually do this on his own,” said P speaking on Jay's partnership with CAA. “I think a lot of athletes look up to him and listen to his music. At this time in his life I think that he is at his prime. I don’t think he needs CAA.”

Mr. Miller also believes other tenured sports agencies are probably scared of what Jay can bring to the table for potential clients. He has already wooed Kevin Durant away from his former sports agency and claims Robinson Cano, Geno Smith and Skylar Diggins as clients. “I think they are terrified. I think they are scared,” he said. “But you got to look at what he is doing with CAA. It’s a great move because now he has expertise. He has the professionals who have been doing that business before he got into it. But I think with his celebrity status and his brand, what he has built, he has this generation that wants to be a part of it...I would want to be with him, right now,” P added.

Check out the entire clip, below.