Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Sales Fall 80% In Second Week, J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ Could Nab No. 1 Spot On Billboard


After premiering at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200, last week, with 327,000 albums sold, Kanye West’s Yeezus has had one of the biggest second week sales drops in Billboard history, according to Billboard.com. West’s polarizing new album was only able to move 65,000 copies this week, making way for Wale’s The Gifted to premiere at No. 1. The average one week drop off for a No. 1 album in 2013 is 69%, according to Billboard. The lackluster second week sales could be attributed to Kanye’s unorthodox marketing method for the album, which didn’t include putting out a radio single or video for the album, prior to it’s release.

Whatever the reason for the drop, the lag in sales may give J. Cole the opportunity to take the No. 1 spot in next week’s Billboard 200. Industry insiders suggest Born Sinner could move 60,000 copies by the end of the tracking period, which may give Cole the rare feat of moving up to capture the top slot.

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  • JC

    “rare feet” get tha Fuck outta here. yall got elementary students writing articles?
    Good for Cole tho

    • E

      Thanks for the catch. We fixed.

      • JC

        No problem, I would have somebody look through these before publishing on a major website.
        Anyways, also wanted to make the point that I kinda hope, in a selfishly weird way, that Kim K leaves Kanye and sticks him with child support. The album that would result from that would be 350% better.

        • Six

          I have to agree with you!

        • Myron B. Pitts

          JC: Can’t argue that heartache or pain often brings out the best in an artist. But don’t you think Kanye’s angry enough?

  • James

    Yeezus good production with unneccessary screaming and cussing it was a flop Bornsinner was a winner Kanye was no 1 coz people bought his album coz he is Kanye not for the album Bornsinner shitted on Yeesus. He promoted that shit projections on Buildings that over the top marketing for an album that ends up selling 320k he shld swallow his ego and start making good music #BlametheKardashians

    • John Knox

      Amen I blame them damn Kardashians too

    • Lev M

      it still got #1 on the billboard so everything you’re saying about botn sinner winning is irrelevant

      • Myron B. Pitts

        Since this post, Born Sinner has risen to No. 1.

  • Lev M

    they must’ve forgotten about Jayz album & albums from other genres, rap music is 1 of the weakest mainstream genres in this day & age

    • Dev

      That would be even krazier if Cole beat out his own mentor for a #1 spot, but I highly doubt it

      • MartyBeatz

        MCHG wouldnt count for this week..this article is referencing the week ending July 6th. MCHG would count towards the following week.

        • Dev

          True so in the meantime #ColeWorldBeeeeeitch! #BornSinnerTime #ColeSummer

  • BMG™ Prodigy

    This definitely makes me happy for Cole as a fan. Ye outsold him by a measly 30k and kept him from hitting #1. Now Cole is not only gonna get to add another #1 album to his list of feats, but seeing as he’s outsold Ye two weeks in a row, he may go on to sell more overall copies of the album than Yeezus, the first week be damned.

    • xblghana

      that isnt gonna happen dude altough im a jcole fan, wale the gifted is gonna outsell it

      • BMG™ Prodigy

        Are you kidding me? Wale will be doing well if he sells 50k in his second week, Cole is projected to sell 60k in his third, Wale won’t be outselling him.

    • -____-

      Epitome of a hating ass dipshit. I like J. Cole but he moved his album up to sell more units, it created a less hyped up version of the 50 v Ye album sales from 07. If it was J. Cole vs Wale (like it was originally planned), nobody would have been talking about it, after he announced he moved the album up, he was making headlines everywhere. Of course Cole is going to sell more, but it’s only because of the insane amount of promotion he’s put in, which is a good thing. The album is great, he deserves the sales he gets. If he tried the no promotion/no single/no artwork plus announcing it 2 months before it released, I guarantee he would have sold way less than 300K. Stop trying to create some bullshit, faggoty fanboys like this are ruining hiphop. J. Cole is an insanely huge Kanye fan, yet people are trying to act as if they don’t like each other. Both albums are great. Yeezus is less of a hip hop album than Born Sinner but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have sold more. People just hold on to the old Kanye, but they don’t want to understand the fact that his albums and sound evolves with each entry. Also, remember this, just because one album outsells the other, it doesn’t mean it’s better; Pink Friday outsold My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy overall, The Carter 4 outsold Watch the Throne overall, but Nicki and Wayne’s albums were trash.

      • gluv

        That maybe true if this was just about 1st week sales only, but explain why he’s beating Kanye back to back to consecutive weeks afterwards. The people prefer Cole on ‘Ye it’s just that simple.

        • Nope.

          …Once again, no single, no promotion. Cole was still making his radio rounds last week, he still performed at the BET Awards, last week. He’s been tweeting his ass off. Where as, Kanye doesn’t give a shit. Again, it’s not crazy for Kanye’s albums to get outsold by other artists, Drake, Wayne, Nicki have outsold his last two albums (MBDTF and WTT), Cole has something more in common with their demographic than he does Kanye, teenagers/girls and some hiphop fans, where as most teens don’t listen to Kanye, most girls hate Kanye because he was dick to T. Swift.

      • BMG™ Prodigy

        Are you mad nigga? I’m the biggest Kanye fan there is actually, I bought all of his albums, not bootlegged, bought, even Yeezus. I’ve never had a problem with Kanye’s sound “evolving and changing” as you say, for example, I loved 808s & Heartbreak. I think Yeezus is a mediocre ass album, and Kanye could’ve did way better. I’m a big fan of Ye & Cole, but I’d rather see Cole sale this time for the simple fact that Kanye put out a lazy product he didn’t even bother to promote, and I legitimately think Botn Sinner is the better album. And for another thing, you can’t compare J. Cole to Nicki Minaj, because J. Cole doesn’t make bubblegum/dance/pop singles and do all those quirky gimmicky things Nicki does, he just makes pure quality rap music. It’s way harder to sell that nowadays. Even “Power Trip” is still pretty soulful and R&B sounding, and it’s not no Billboard Top 10 Charting song like Nicki has. My point is, I’m fans of them both, but Ye had the lesser project, and he’s already solds millions upon millions before, so I’m glad to see Cole have his moment this time.

    • Yoooooo

      For real though, you’re not a rap fan. Look at this dude’s past comments, he talks up Yeezus, now he flip flops after Cole might nab #1, fag switches. Stop listening to hiphop, go to pop. Bitch. You suck.

      • atomthegod

        YEEZUS is pop now? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH GTFO here, Yeezus was a phenomenal album.

        • Yooooo

          You’re a moron, I wasn’t saying Yeezus was pop, this dude said was talking up Yeezus, then in this article, he rips it. That kind of shit is bitch made, so since he’s a flip flopping faggot, then he should stick some music that fake bitches listen to; Pop. Now, shut the fuck up.

    • Myron B. Pitts

      I think he will.

  • Justin

    this is such a bad picture haha it just looks like “oh fuck..really shouldn’t have made that album” lol

  • Man…

    Cole nabbing number 1 shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Who performed at the BET Awards? Who has been out there promoting the shit out his album by doing radio interviews? Who has had his single out for more than 3 months with a big R&B singer on it?

    Now on the flipside.

    Who hasn’t given a shit whether or not his album gets promotion? Who didn’t show up to the BET Awards? Who didn’t put out a single? Who hasn’t done interviews with radio stations?

    Stop acting like fucking retards. Trying to generate controversy just to get clicks, fuck off XXL.

    • atomthegod

      Who has the better album? Kanye.

      • Man…

        Agreed, but it shouldn’t be hard for people to get that his album could get outsold because he doesn’t give a shit about how it sells.

  • Demo

    The fact that Kanye was able to push 327,000 units in the first week, with absolutely no promotion says a lot about where Kanye is at in his career. Very few artists can do that especially in the Hip Hop/Rap genre. Kanye has all the reason in the world to be cocky. He dropped an album outta no where and sold 300,000+.

    • gluv

      no promotion? EVERYONE knew, talked about, and were hyped up on that album coming out. it had ALL SORTS of publicity. it’s not like he didn’t say anything at all and just dropped an album out the blue. stop with the excuses.

      • okay…

        You apparently have no idea what “promotion” means, the only thing Kanye did to hype the album was the projections. He didn’t tweet about the album; unless it was about where the projections were taking place, he doesn’t talk to his fans, No album art, No radio friendly singles, No radio interviews, etc…

      • Myron B. Pitts

        Yeah, the “no promotion” tactic got him plenty of FREE promotion. Kind of genius.

  • Winner15

    Anyone with common sense or 1/10 of a brain will know that Kanye West’s album was crap from the beginning. It doesn’t take a genus to realize this non a scholar of Hip-hop being that number one fan of Kanye West that he himself knows that is straight garbage. Anyone who who copped that is a puppet of whether his makes a classic song or straight trash …in this case they are a puppet if they copped that straight trash. Kanye is even using reverse psychology for the puppets into believing that, ‘If sales don’t do as well as everyone wants to predict because of his past credibility its because there was NO massive $1 million in promotions for it (**His crutch excuse**). He would of better off release a sex tape with Kim so he could go automatic platinum with that instead..

    • If you plan is to make people dumber by posting retarded shit like this, then you will succeed. You’re a fucking loser, go do some research on how much promotion helps, and then talk shit. Fucking retard, talking about puppet shit, this will most likely lead to you talking about Illuminati. Get a life, you tool.

  • Myron B. Pitts

    “The lackluster second week sales could be attributed to Kanye’s unorthodox marketing method for the album …” Naw. If it was the marketing that would have affected first week sales. I heard the record. It’s a tough listen. More than one reviewer described it as messy — even reviewers who liked it. I doubt it got great word of mouth from ordinary listeners.

    • …………..