Jay-Z Awarded A Platinum Plaque For ‘MCHG’


On the day of its official wide release, Jay-Z—the official #NewRules broker of hip-hop—has been awarded a platinum plaque for his Magna Carta Holy Grail. Though the album is projected to hit No. 1 on Billboard and its retail numbers remain to be seen, Jay sold a million records to Samsung in an unprecedented deal that forced the Recording Industry Association of America to re-write their own rules, now counting digital album sales. In the above photo, which was originally posted to RIAA’s Facebook page just a few moments ago, Jay is seen with RIAA’s Executive VP of Communications Jonathan Lamy; Executive VP Mitch Glazer; and Director of Communications for the Gold & Platinum Program Liz Kennedy. Congrats Hov.

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  • JordoBeckz

    Jay-Z wearing the Universal Flag of the Nation of Gods & Earths

  • Ronald Jack

    I’m a Jay-z fan but it’s kind of hard to respect this deal. It’s not like the fans went out and bought a million records. He kind of stacked the deck in his favor by charging Samsung 5 dollars. Everyone else has to compete on a level playing field, he should too.

    • badmandam

      He’s Jay-fucking-Z, he doesn’t “have” to do anything. A level playing field is for people who cant afford to be in their own league

      • Ronald Jack

        If he’s fucking Jay-z that’s even more of a reason for him to let his sales be his sales and not try to cheat to get to a million

        • showtime719

          shut up Losers!..you guys sound stupid!..the dude made history and open new avenues for new artist and yall on here like some bitches downing the man..yall next fav artist will get a deal like this courtesy of Jay..so STFU!

    • Victor Ware

      I respect the deal. I think it’s a genius move. However, I don’t think the RIAA should have given him a Platinum certification yet. Either way this is going to mark a change in how music is sold and consumed.

  • Reese E Reese

    actually Samsung bought the copies so they can do with them as they please