Game Loses Legal Battle Over ‘Rolex Records’ Name, Renames Label


Well, you win some, you lose some. Game reportedly lost a six-month legal battle with luxury watch maker Rolex and has been forced to rename the Rolex Records imprint he formed with Stat Quo, last December. Jayceon recently took to his Instagram account to make the announcement claiming defeat. “We lost & had to fully change the name of the label & it’s logo away from the likeness of Rolex’s crown & stay away from any & everything resembling Rolex. Can’t use ‘Roley Boyz’ or ‘Roley Records’ [sic],” he typed.

On another note, the Compton rapper announced that he has renamed the label, The Firm, and is still looking for new talent for his roster. As previously reported, Game copped Rolexes for his entire team shortly after forming the label last year.

Check out Chuck’s decree, below.

ATTENTION: All artist & producers !!!!!! So after a 6 long month legal battle with Rolex watches over the name “Rolex Records” we lost & had to fully change the name of the label & it’s logo away from the likeness of Rolex’s crown & stay away from any & everything resembling Rolex. Can’t use “Roley Boyz” or “Roley Records” either……. But today a new regime starts & I am officially the CEO of “The Firm” & we are looking for elite artists to be a part of a new movement. With that being said…. Upload your SOUNDCLOUD in my comments NOW !!! Me & @leauxsteez will be listening to your music all day today…. So FOLLOW @leauxsteez & upload your SOUNDCLOUD or Tag someone who will benefit from the start of my new label & have them upload the link to their music on mine & @leauxsteez page NOW. Thanks… & I’m looking forward to all the dope new music – The Game


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  • Michael Burmeister

    Why not just go back to calling it Black Wall Street?

    • LuiKang

      exactly i liked the name better anyway.

  • LuiKang

    he thought he could pull a MAYBACH MUSIC, but rolex wasnt having it.

  • Peso

    Game 1 of my favorite rappers and all BUT what the hell happened to Black Wall Street, Rolex Records or whatever he wants to call it. I never liked BWS name because he got it from JT The Bigga Figga (Bay Area Artist, Producer etc.) Nu Jersey Devil & Clyde Carson never released nothing that caught on …hopefully he can put a team together to compete with Maybach, Roc Nation & YMCMB but I doubt it. In todays hip hop climate it’s very hard to put together a roster of talent where no one will get mad for money reasons, hate, ego etc.
    You dont really need a team, label to blow like back in the mid-late 90′s …just go independant. The days of everyone going gold or plat. because your on a hot record label with a flagship artist are OVER for the most part. Just like DMX on Ruff Ryders, Jay Z on Rocafella, Juvenile on Cash Money etc. – Man, I’m feeling mad nostalia thinking about what I call the 2nd Golden Era of Hip Hop (1996-2003) …basically Jay Z career up until the first retirement lmao

  • Mike Day

    Strange, you couldn’t just steal their name and likeness and get away with it. Funny how that works.

    Maybach’s were being put out of production anyway, I guess they didn’t care about their name being used.

  • Shanese

    Leave the europe brands alone.. fuck that

  • Kroz

    That was a blessing to lose that legal battle… Rolex Records? That name sucks

  • Ronald Jack

    Not every rapper is meant to be an executive