America's Most Wanted Music Festival 2013 is arguably the tour of the summer. The previous America's Most Wanted tour back in 2009 with Young Jeezy, Drake and Soulja Boy was a huge success, bringing in millions of dollars. Now Lil Wayne brings T.I., 2 Chainz, Hit-Boy and G-Eazy out on tour with him around the country, with over thirty dates falling throughout the rest of the summer. However, life on tour isn't all crazy stories and outlandish gags. It's a period of time in an artist's life where there's barely any sleep, endless numbers of performances, interactions with millions of fans, and countless memories made and forgotten. G-Eazy, the up and coming hip-hop artist from the Bay Area, is the opener for this star-studded line up, an opportunity which is both helpful to his career and challenging for his mental state.

"To be involved in something like this is an honor to say the least," G-Eazy told XXL while enjoying a rare day off in New York City last week. "But there’s always two ways to look at it, and I always try to think about the big picture with my career in any situation, and try not to get too caught up in the moment. So my focus is always like, after I’m done performing, I’m back on my bus where I have my studio set up, and I’m working on records. I’m working on my album right now because I’m thinking forward, like, I’ve got to kill it in the fall on my own headlining tour."

Between headlining his own outings around the country and opening for some of the biggest artists in hip-hop, G-Eazy has tasted both sides of the touring spectrum, and while the exposure of such a massive bill in arenas around the country is important to him, being the opening act can be psychologically challenging, especially after getting a taste of what it's like to be the top act of the evening. "I know what it feels like to walk out in front of a sold out crowd of a thousand people that are there for you, and how good that feels, but as an opener you just have to train yourself to think that it’s going to be harder," Eazy said. "It would be really easy to step out on stage and just feel disappointed right away, but you’ve just got to train yourself to think like, 'Yo, this is going to be an uphill climb.' But you just embrace that and figure out how to make the most of it and gain that exposure."

G-Eazy sat down with XXL for an in-depth look into the behind the scenes of tour life, the trials and tribulations of being an opening act, some of his favorite tour memories, and what he's learning from being out on the road with Weezy, Tip and 2 Chainz.—Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)