Who says you need audio to kill a verse? In Frank Ocean’s case, the singer proves he doesn’t need any beat to exhibit his talents, purely killing a “Versace” remix releasing only the words.

Posted on his Tumblr page, Frank took a stab at Migos’ Drake featured hit single “Versace”. However the singer took viewers by surprise when there was no audio attached to the post-just a few bars the singer has written to go along with the track. Anyhow, audio or not, there’s no denying that Ocean definitely has a banger on his hands with this one. “Versace Versace I’ll play the piano, I’m not Liberace. You could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy, your music is sloppy”, spits Frank in the Tumblr post written remix.

One can only hope the singer takes the lyrics a bit further and releases the audio to go along with the project. -Miranda Johnson

[via P&P]