Earl Sweatshirt Announces ‘Doris’ Release Date and Tracklisting


A day after giving his opinion on Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, Earl Sweatshirt announced his highly anticipated project, Doris, will be releasing on August 20. The 15-track album includes his current singles “Chum” and “Whoa” featuring Tyler, The Creator. You can check out a screenshot of the tracklist below.


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  • LuiKang

    nobody cares…

    • Brandon Willis

      Give it a chance, Earl is the best in Odd Future

    • bangbang

      Earl is one of the best rappers out there and this album is gonna prove it

    • Don344432

      Nobody cares about your depressing ass profile picture.

      • LuiKang

        awwww, EARL/ODD FUTURE’s dick suckers getting all butt hurt, lol how cute!

    • Blake Campbell

      says the dude who probably listens to Meek Mill and Future

  • d3AdP1x3L

    Looking forward to this album!

  • Brandon Willis

    Earl is my favorite in Odd Future. I really on like him, Tyler, Frank Ocean, and some Hodgy Beats. I’m looking forward to hearing this. He’s the best rapper in the group in my opinion.

    • Spweewtz

      he’s the best rapper of the group even in the group’s opinion lol

      • Brandon Willis

        right, I know i’ve heard Tyler say he was

  • ContagiousT

    I Love Guild so much

  • Joecal

    This doesn’t fit the mold for all these goochs that listen to whatever is on billboard plus he makes fun of religion and that offends these losers that think their Christian aka haven’t even read their bible.

  • Chris Figueroa

    Hive is that shit though.