DJ Khaled Proposes To Nicki Minaj On MTV

Can you image DJ Khaled marry Nicki Minaj? Welp. Mr. We The Best has been hit by Cupid’s arrow and went on MTV to propose to Ms. Minaj. He states “they have the same symptoms” and “both are suffering from success.” He “likes her, he loves her” and wants her to be his. Watch the heartfelt proposal above.

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  • Pootie_Tang

    FIRSTT ..This nxgga fxckn thirsty as fxck! Nicki aint marrying yo as$ nigga, on top of that this is so bad for business it aint even funny, I hope this a media joke…

  • GoofDaDon

    publicity stunt fa sure bruh

    • Komplicated Savage

      ion know bruh dat nigga soundin hella serious

      • Cocaine Howie

        Rappers are good actors

  • Sinclair Ess-Bee Boyd


  • Nick

    the 2 most annoying people in music right now getting married? this is some end of the world sheeeet

    • Komplicated Savage


  • JAY-Z

    oh my gawd they love child gon be ratchet af

  • Aireona Sims


  • KelticComedianhashtagswaggswag

    (Stewie Voice)well i’m out

  • Guest

    lmao am I the only one that noticed he said “I overstand instead of understand?” hahaha

    • whiteboirasta

      It is a common patois term, because “under”standing means you are under the concept, while “over”standing means you are the one innovating new concepts or you have more authority… but I don’t know why he said it XD

  • Desi Realstrongtou Washington

    He would probably make her, his sacrifice. You know they all gotta make one.

    • Komplicated Savage

      true…maybe a plane crash like Aliyah…hmmmm.

  • lightskinnigga

    hahahhaahahah when dis dude gets rejected ima laugh myself 2 sleep

  • Komplicated Savage

    Damn homie serious as fuck.



  • Nahum Avila

    DJ Khaled: I’m letting your fans know, I’m letting my fans know…

    Everyone in the world: Nigga you have no fans, you annoying as shit.

  • Prince Joseph

    niggas hatin on Khaled too much hahahahahah

  • Michael Chavis

    Somebody hand Khaled a tall glass of water w/ his thirsty ass please..

  • aliasreefah

    thats a fuckin car on a band, bitch betta say yes lol

  • Cocaine Howie

    I wouldn’t propose to Nicki. I’d propose to dat ass tho.

  • T-Sizzle

    whats gonna happen if she turns u down??

  • sh*thappens

    cum on mane sum of yah be hating,any man has a chance with any woman,he just need the right moment but am afraid this was’nt the right moment………..haters stop hating khalid is a nice guy