Bust A Cap: Suffering From Success


“Marlins Lose AGAIN”

You got a better caption? Put it in the comments section below.

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  • Nick

    “i just shit my pants.. again”

  • hootie hoo

    “I proposed to Niki Minaj…over the interne.t”

  • DG

    “my fuckin hand is bigger than my face….i got cancer…”

  • DG

    “i’ll never eat that much falafel again…”

  • Nix

    Why did I give my album such a bullshit title….I’ve eaten people for less….

  • cal973

    the real producer is late AGAIN!!! he knows i can’t work this shit

  • Tristen

    “She said no.”

  • friend of a consious rapper

    that awkward moment when you realize your talent was built on your hype

  • Zak Tobes

    The waiter gave me a diet soda…

  • bostongeorge

    YOU MEAN TO TELL ME, I gotta make Hits and count all this money ? and then spend it? that’s gonna take Forever! BUT We da Best Forever!!!!!!

  • Mo

    “Damn I think I left the oven on.”