Birdman Explains Why Drake Wasn’t On Rich Gang LP And Working With Mannie Fresh

The whole world was wondering one question when the Cash Money compilation album, Rich Gang, dropped July 23rd, where is Drake? The YMCMB young superstar was not on any tracks on the album. In his interview on MTV Rapfix, Baby explains why he didn’t make it. He goes on to say that Drake was recording out the country and also he wants to “hold on” for the upcoming Big Tymers album. When questioned, why Chris Brown was on the album, Birdman states that “he has nothing to do with the Chris Brown and Drake thing.”  He also touches on working with Mannie Fresh and saying they plan to work together very soon. He states “Me and Fresh ain’t got no problem, we never had no problem. It’s been a minute and we plan on working again.” Watch the interview above

[ via MTV Rapfix]

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  • BrianRaider

    *Dave Chapelle Voice* UNITYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I Don’t Have To Tell Yall This Is Special! One Of My Favorite Producers Of All Time Back With YMCMB! Awww Man Y’all Know How I Feel! People Don’t Really Give Dude This Credit But I Will Break It Down!!!! Hip Hop Today Is Southern Dominated! Has Been For A while. The Sound That Mannie Birthed At Cash Money-From Its Infancy In 1993 To The Peak Of His Tirade When He Left In 2005 Is The Popular Sound Of Today Still!!! Cash Money Went Nationwide In Like 98 Or 99! Its 2013 Man! Fuckin 14 Years Later The Sound Mannie Birthed(Shouts To Beats By The Pound Too) Is Still Being Mimiced & Duplicated To This Day & Is The Dominant Sound Of Today! Especially In Detroit Its Like The Hot Production Here Is Southern By Tone Very Similar To What Mannie Started. I Remember People Saying Timbaland Changed The Sound Of Radio & R&B-Well Mannie Changed The Sound Of Rap For Over A Decade!!! I Predict His Next Album Will Be #Epic! Return Of The Ballin Was Great But I Wanna See Mannie Make Another Classic LP!

    • Komplicated Savage


  • Komplicated Savage

    If it wasnt for Mannie there would be no Cash Money….and Juvie.

  • Aireona Sims

    Tell he is about to drop Dj Khaled

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