The Many Fake Gun Poses Of Chief Keef

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Chief Keef is a man that loves taking pictures with guns. He quite frequently raps about them and shows them off in pictures. But when there isn’t one in his vicinity to pose with, this Chicago spitta doesn’t panic. He goes into his patent fake gun pose that would make any man look twice. So lets take a look at a collection of Keef in his best fake gun poses.

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  • ireadmorethanyou

    So in a city where kids are dying to gun violence in epidemic proportions, you give a dude props for his gun poses? Even BET has enough sense not to fuck with homie. XXL < BET? Nice way for a hip hop mag to represent hip hop.

    • Craig


  • Craig

    U guys have sunk to a new low, your credibility is totally lost now. U guys trying to be bossip and tmz, when u are supposed to represent HipHop. This is the equivalent of selling your soul, u are now a part of the problem, because if u actually cared about HipHop u wouldn’t post a tabloid type story, this is coloring book type stuff. Gun poses really, is that what qualifies as HipHop now? Shame on XXL!

    • ireadmorethanyou

      And at the fundamental level, he sucks as a rapper… but XXL chooses to stay away from that and focus on his ‘gun poses’.

  • Mike Day

    Some poor bastard had to sit through all these CK videos to find these