Adrian Younge On ‘Magna Carta’ Samples, Working With RZA And Roc Nation And Soundtracking ‘Black Dynamite’

You were talking about bringing things back to the old ’90s sound. Have you heard some of Joey Bada$$ at all?
I’m a fan, I like what he’s doing. I don’t listen to much new music; I have a record store in downtown L.A., so all I do is dig for records and listen to old music. I don’t listen to any modern music—not to say that there’s not any good modern music, because there absolutely is—[but] I find so many good records I’ve never heard of before [that] that’s my new music and that’s my inspiration. And people were telling me to listen to Joey Bada$$, and I listened to it and I said, “Oh shit, I see what he’s doing.” And that shit was dope, you know what I’m saying? I like what he’s doing, I like where he’s going, I like his brand, I like the fact that he—you could tell he’s somebody that is up on his history, you know. The best artists always look back to see what happened before them and they try to determine what they need to do to move forward, and I can tell he’s that type of cat. So he’s dope. We should try getting him on an album, dude.

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