Action Bronson is continuing his epic run as one of the most entertaining rappers in the game, both lyrically and otherwise, and the good people over at Noisey UK capitalized on that again with a new video released today. During Bam Bam's recent trip across the Atlantic, he dropped by St. Hilda's East Community Center nursing home to perform his Harry Fraud-produced Saaab Stories single "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" for the, well, captive audience. It boils down to a must-see four minutes of Bronsolini essentially rapping in the faces of a series of confused elderly men and women, who sit bewildered and wondering why the man with the beard is talking so fast. It's worth watching twice just for the juxtaposition of semi-horrified faces with Bronson's determination to not break out in laughter the entire time. Check out the video above.