Action Bronson is staying busy. Last month, the Queens rapper released Saaab Stories with Harry Fraud. The EP was one of the many promised set of projects releasing this year. He’s been in the studio with Party Supplies and Alchemist frequently, however, fans have yet to hear a confirmed date for either album. According to NanRight, he’s readying Blue Chips 2 next.

Blue Chips 2 is 100 percent next. I’m not really sure when, but I’m thinking end of August, September,” he said. “But probably closer to September for it to drop. I’m probably gonna do another video for Saaab Stories, then drop this Blue Chips 2 shit. Then drop the actual ‘album’ album at the top of next year that’s going to be on a major fucking record label.”

Bronson noted that he’s always working with Alc and Party Supplies, so fans don’t have to worry about the project never finishing. “Obviously I’m gonna do them. I love these guys, I could never not work with them. Alchemist, we already have another project to put out. Me and Party Supplies had another project to put out right after Blue Chips came out.”

While he updated fans on the status of his new project, Bronson also delved into the reasoning behind his viral video of body slamming a fan. He explains Boston can get a little crazy sometimes, and he wants to make sure the crowd stays tamed.

“There was a humungous fight while I was starting my second song. Like five kids get duffed out and knocked out and shit. So everybody’s already on edge,” he said. “And I’m about to do my joint, and some fucking kid just jumps on stage. Security wasn’t fast enough, so I just disposed of him quickly, and kept it moving. I can go in the crowd if I want, but they can’t come up there. That’s just off limits.”

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