A Short History Of Meek Mill’s Most Ignorant Tweets





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  • guilan massoud

    lmao gotta love meek

  • meekmillisretarted

    im sorry but this guy is just retarted

    • Nas

      How does it feel knowing a retard have more money than you ill see in your next 3 life’s?

    • SexGodBitches

      the word is ‘retarded’. how’s that for irony lmfao

  • Craig

    IS this TMZ or Bossip? Yall suppose to report on music not bullshit like a list of tweets, and to call tweet ignorant but praise the music? I like Meek Mill but I see yall trying to do like tabloids for views.

  • makamumacuma

    if i say meek mill sucks does that make me a hater? (even though he really does suck?)……i mean c’mon faggot

    • FLYnn

      Naaa but that does make you gay.

  • Jay DeLuca

    Stupid lame immature bozo grow ^ no1 cares what u do..around here in the “WESTCOAST” where the bitches where short shorts and tanktops in the winter & we all know where the CHRONIC IS THE FINEST we clown meek mill just his name..o yea your album was garbage it was just a bunch of songs put 2gether lmao no concept.#greatness starts @ 4:45am…

  • https://twitter.com/real_lyricists Mr. 116

    How can “I ate ribs wit dat dude!” be ignorant? That came from Charles Ramsey.

  • Certified Killer(Hood General)

    Meek sucks ass